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You’ve worked long and hard on your book. You’ve spent day after day getting every aspect just right, and now you’re just about ready to publish. With all the hard work you’ve put into your book, don’t turn off readers because the layout and formatting are not how you envisioned them. Hiring an eBook conversion service to get the layout and eBook conversion done for you is just as important as having a good looking cover and the grammar and spelling being correct.

Companies that use automated programs to do your eBook conversion do not have quality in mind. These programs produce substandard results which can lead to needing the eBook conversion done again. We do all of the eBook conversion process manually, and only leave it up to programs for creating the final files when it is necessary, such as the final MOBI files for Amazon. We’ll check with you if we’re uncertain how you’d like something designed, let you know if we notice anything missing or any errors, and make sure that when your book is published, it looks great for your readers.


For those authors and publishers that have none, or only some, of their book’s layout handled, we can pick up where you left off and format your eBook in a professional and attractive way for you and your readers. For the authors and publishers that have their book exactly how they want it, and just need it converted to the eBook formats, we will make the final files look exactly as you have the current file. If there are any portions that cannot be exactly replicated, we will let you know about this prior to work beginning on your book with the various options that are available.

We take care to keep every aspect of your book how it is in the file you sent us or how you’ve directed us to make it look. Every italicized word, every word in bold, and any other specific formatting you have is created in the final files how you typed it originally, or requested we make it look. We’re perfectionists that want your book to look great and for you to be happy.


Image work can be tricky for some conversion companies to get right. There is a balance that needs to be kept between the image quality and image file size. The goal is to keep the image quality as you originally had it, while making sure it displays properly to the reader, all while making sure the size of the image is not unnecessarily increasing your eBook’s file size. Some authors don’t know it, but Amazon charges delivery charges against your royalty based on the file size of your eBook. Currently this charge is 15 cents per megabyte, which can add up when you sell a lot or have an image intensive eBook. When we work on your book, we will keep your images looking great, while keeping the size of the images at a minimum so that your files are no larger than they absolutely have to be.


Fonts are licensed intellectual property, so a lot of eBook conversion services won’t support embedding them. Some eBook conversion services will embed them but won’t verify if the license allows for it. If your eBook requires specific fonts in some sections, or throughout, that is not an issue. We will verify that the licensing for the font you would like allows embedding of it. If it does not, we have a list of fonts that you can choose from to use in place of it and that do not have any licensing restrictions when embedded in eBooks.

Other Features

Regardless if your book has images, footnotes, end notes, extensive linking, bullet points, or tables, none of it is an issue. We’ve worked extensively with all of these features as well as some other less used formatting. If you have special requirements for your book that aren’t mentioned above, feel free to ask. We’ll let you know what we can or cannot do as well as what options are available.


Though we primarily work on books in English, we can handle books in any language based on the Latin alphabet as well as some that are not. Besides English, we have handled conversions for eBooks in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Russian.

Continued Support

Even after completing work on your book, we will still be here. Should you have questions, or need changes made, the next day or the following year, we will be here to answer those questions or get those changes made for you. Often times minor changes don’t cost a thing, and answers to your questions are always free, regardless of how many you have.


We know that every book is different and because of this every book is reviewed and a quote is provided that is based on the time it would take to complete your specific conversion. We’ve been doing this since 2011, so it does not take a long time to do most fiction novels. As a general guide, the price for conversions of fiction books starts as low as $50 and rarely goes over $100. The cost depends on book length and complexity as well as which formats you require. Unless it includes a lot of graphics or some other aspects that are time consuming, which fiction books rarely do, then this general pricing guide will be accurate for the majority of fiction books. If you have a short story to publish, the quote will likely be under $50.

We work with non-fiction and reference books also, though we can only provide the general guide above for the fiction books. Non-fiction and reference books vary so widely in their complexity that we cannot provide estimates on these, but will gladly provide a quote once we’ve seen it as well as explain the quote in detail.

Createspace formatting generally starts around $125 and usually doesn’t vary by much.

See the individual tabs under the ‘Conversion Services’ menu for a little information on each format.


If you have any questions, or would like an exact quote, please fill out the form on the “Quote & Contact” page, submit a copy of your book with it, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we see it. If you just want an estimate based on your book’s word count, you can submit the form without the book’s file attached.

For those authors that are publishing their first book, we realize that you have many questions, and we have no problem answering your questions before, during, and after your eBook conversion is completed. Step-by-step instructions for publishing your eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers is a common question, and we have no problem walking you through it as well as any other help you need.

We don’t have email lists, marketing emails of any sort, and we don’t provide emails to anyone, so you won’t see contact from us other than when you have questions or we’re working on your book for you.