Amazon Kindle – MOBI

eBook conversions for publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system are the most popular request we get, and this is where you will make the most sales. Publishing on Amazon’s KDP system is similar to what you go through at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple, though instead of the ePub format they use the MOBI (with Kindle Format 8 specifications, or KF8 for short) format. Also, like those other retailers, if you don’t send your eBook in the format they use there is no guarantee that the eBook their system produces will look how you expect it. Providing a MOBI file to Amazon’s KDP system ensures that the formatting, table of contents, links, images, and other features all look and function as intended.

We’ll send you back a MOBI file that meets Amazon’s KF8 specifications, functions as intended, and has a great layout with properly formatted images. In addition to that, we will make sure your file is only as large as it needs to be in order for your eBook to look great. Not only do readers prefer smaller files, but Amazon charges a small fee against your royalties, per sale, depending on your eBook’s file size. When your eBook goes live you will know that your readers are focused on your content and not distracted by errors in the layout or formatting. Your file will be designed so that it looks great across all of the devices your readers may read it on, and we test it to be sure of this.

Uploading your eBook to Amazon’s KDP system is fairly straight forward, but if you need help we have a walk-through on our website, we can walk you through it manually, or if need be we can do it for you.

Amazon KDP - MOBI