ePub Conversion Services

Though ePub is the format of choice for most ereaders on the market, eBook conversions to this format are typically requested for use with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press, Apple iBooks, and Kobo Writing Life. Publishing through these systems have only one real guideline: Look good. It makes sense that if your eBook formatting doesn’t look good, the reader will be distracted and that takes away from your content. If you don’t send up an ePub file there is no guarantee what your eBook will look like after the retailer’s system processes what you’ve sent.

All ePub files need to be able to pass a validation test, which ensures that your file conforms to all of the specifications set by the IDPF standard for the format. We’ll send you back an ePub file so that when your eBook goes live you’ll already know it looks good and passes the validation check. And this file isn’t only for use on these retailers. Essentially every eBook retailer, with the exception of Amazon, uses the ePub format. So if you have another retailer in mind, or one you find in the future, your ePub file can be used there as well. Additionally, you can send this file to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone and they can open it in the ereader app of their choice.

If you already have an ePub for your eBook that was created elsewhere but is not quite right or has errors in it you need fixed, we can help you too. Most changes to an existing ePub take little time to do and can allow you to get your corrected file up and live on the retailers so that your eBook’s availability isn’t affected.